About Me

Previously an enthused Bioinformatician who turned towards English writing and Graphic designing due to new found passion and various circumstances respectively. Striving towards a career based on my passion. Ultimately my goal is to have an English writing based career either creative one or content based and also to publish my ongoing Mystery novel.

Praasa Webographies - My Freelance Venture

My Start up as my first step towards my career aspiration based on my passion. Praasa which means a second line or rhyme in Telugu poetry. I choose the name and the logo (designed by me) as my second innings of my life. My services ranging from small graphic design, web design to content writing and programming as well. So far, I worked and working for Infusions Cafe, Chitra'm Craft Chocolates, The French Door restaurant, Varman Projects, Ignoma Coffee, Blackrich Coffee, Kovai Vasavi Foundation, Harvest Info Solutions.

It All Started With AgileFacts

My new found passion was started during my stint as an unofficial volunteer for AAP during 2015 to 2017. Where along with 4 of my twitter friends founded and started a news portal called AGILEFACTS.in for spreading AAP government works. Starting from the name for the portal, logo designing and writing few articles were my part of the contribution. The name signifies Alternative Governance In Layman's Eyes and we chose the name for spreading the alternative governance towards the social savvy people through the common men's eyes.  

What I’m good at?

Telugu & English writing – Content & Creative writing

Graphic & Web designing - Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, Premier Pro, HTML5, CSS3, Java, PERL, Python

HTML5 & CSS3, Wordpress

Have good knowledge on HTML5 & CSS3. 2 years experience in handling wordpress websites and development

Creative Writing

Have passion in writing poetry in Telugu & English. Currently, penning a mystery novel in English. My blog on English poetry - my-hapless-world-of-thoughts.blogspot.in

Website Designs

Harvest Info Solutions, Agilefacts, Varman Projects (On going), Chitram Craft Chocolates, Infusions (On going), Kovai Vasavi Foundation

Logo Design & Content Writing

Praasa Webographies, Agilefacts, Varman Projects, Kovai Vasavi Foundation, Metal Bird

My Work

Naming Brands - Agilefacts, Ignoma Coffee


Chitram Wrappers

Chitra'm Craft Chocolates - Box Wrappers

First design model of Chitra'm Bar Chocolates

Infusions Main Menu

Infusion Main Menu - Initial Version

Banner Design - Harvest Info Solutions

Harvest Info Solutions
Poster Desing

Poster Design

Harvest Info Solutions

Brouchure Design and content writing

Marshall Fowler

Logo Desing

Varman Projects

Writing Projects

Agile Facts - Samples:

Punjab Language and Valiant Hero

Purpose of Agile Facts

Delhi Government & Center's Fury

My blog on Politics and AAP


Om Tutorial

Online Education

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